Editor's Desk

It is South Asia Defence & Strategic Review’s first of the major milestone anniversaries – the 10th Anniversary. One decade is a blip in the annals of history, but nevertheless, an achievement of sorts, particularly in the age of internet when print media faces numerous challenges. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary, we reflect and introspect with a sense of satisfaction. From a humble beginning 10 years ago, the magazine has evolved itself into a serious compendium on matters related to Geostrategy and Defence. During the course of writing ‘10 Years at a Glance’ for this issue, we had to revisit all the issues published since inception, and it was a matter of joy and pride to go through our own work over the years. I take this opportunity to extend my felicitations and compliments to team Defstrat and all those who have supported us in numerous ways throughout the journey.

This anniversary issue carries hand picked feature articles, befitting the occasion. Starting from General Hasnain’s feature on ‘Radical Islam and its Influence in South Asia’, and ‘The New World Order’ from Ajay to the ‘Soft Power that India can wield in The Great Game’ by Masood, the Geostrategy section is analytical and full of wisdom. The Military Affairs section starts with General JP’s expose on ‘Structural Reforms for Capacity Development’. Alternatively, Kuber talks of ‘Strategic Partners’ and Air Marshal Chopra presents a fact filled article on ‘Two Front War with IAF’s Options.’ Admiral Billoo Chauhan’s take on ‘Maritime Aviation and Carrier Borne Group’ is an incisive feature.

As we move forward into the eleventh year, our first issue is a trendsetter in ways more than one, and I promise our readers that in terms of content and presentation, our magazine will continue in its pursuit for excellence.

It remains for me to thank you all for your support through the years. We promise you more and better. Happy reading.