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Every nation faces its own peculiar security paradigm. Its military capability, thus, should address the threats and possess the ability to deal with them. Indian security challenges and preparation for future conflicts are quite unique. It has to maintain a balance for its role and task of being prepared for a two-front war, a consequence of the disputed, un- demarcated and contested national borders, on both the western and northern frontiers. The existing geopolitical realities are indicative of a strong likelihood of a limited / all out conventional conflict in the mid-term perspective on one front whilst on the other there may be limited conflict, which may be a combination of contact- non-contact/hybrid war. There is an added responsibility of Counter Insurgency operations, in the internally disturbed areas of the country. Axiomatically, it has to be prepared for combatting a threat spectrum, extending from the conventional domain to the disruptive/ asymmetric battle front of cyber and space. Thus, for ‘arming smart’ and to mitigate the complexity of multiple challenges, there is a need for innovative modulations, augmented modernization, smart force structuring/ restructuring and capability development.

Technology must be understood and applied as a force multiplier. As the Defence Minister stated during the DefExpo – ‘it is for the defence services to decide what type of technologies and capabilities they wish to acquire”, Therefore ‘Make for India’ is as important as ‘Make in India’ as we march towards modernisation and self-reliance. New technologies and platforms must support future wars. R&D and acquisitions should be contemporary and state of the art; what we acquire in 2020 must be relevant for the next three decades and not dated technologies. Our cover story deals with the issue of ‘Arming Smart’. Our contributors are some of the top leading military brains in the country. In the next issue of the magazine we intend discussing the acquisition process, industrial landscape and finances involved.

This issue contains a very informative and analytical piece on Iran US nuclear deal by General Hasnain. There is one on the Korean peninsula as well, even though the circumstances appear to be changing as we go to print. Articles by General Shivane and Air Marshal Chopra are in tune with our cover story. As always the magazine promises to be an informative and interesting read.