Greater need to guard India’s waters, must stop reliance on defence imports

Union minister of state for defence Shripad Naik said recently that in the current hostile geopolitical situation, there is a greater need to guard India’s coastline and territorial waters.

Addressing senior naval officers, and shipyard and MSME representatives, Naik stressed on the need to reduce India’s reliance on defence imports.

He said that manufacturing for defence forces is a massive opportunity for local suppliers, as the Indian Navy itself has orders worth around $60 billion till 2020-30.

“We need to be on our guard due to the current geopolitical scenario, as we remain surrounded by a hostile neighbourhood,” said Naik at the virtual meet organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry in collaboration with Goa Shipyard Limited.

“To counter the threats, India needs to keep its coastline and surrounding waters under constant surveillance. Proactive and preventive capabilities are essential,” the minister said.

Naik said that modernisation of the armed forces and indigenisation has emerged as a focus area in recent months, but that the efforts would pay off only with industrial support from the private sector.