Indigenisation in Defence Sector: Govt to notify weapons and platforms to be Put on import ban list

Early next week the government is expected to notify the list of weapons and platforms on which there will be an import ban and these will be on progressive timelines. For critical components or weapons to be made here locally, such times are important as it will monitor the progress made and how both the domestic and foreign companies work on the production together. In today’s stimulus package, the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman also addressed the indigenisation of spares parts for the Russian origin platforms being used by the armed forces.

Sources have confirmed that CDS Gen Bipin Rawat will be identifying the items and weapon systems that could be banned from importing.

Which items could be on the import ban list?

According to some experts, the list of banned items would be for all the three services. “For the Indian Army, the items could be categorised as Power plants; Transmission systems; Steering, suspension and braking systems; Fire control systems; Electrical systems; Hydraulics systems; Pneumatic systems; Optronic systems; Microsystems; Embedded systems; Radars; Communication systems; Missiles and Electronic Warfare System; AI in Maintenance system for efficiency and optimisation spare requirements for a predictive maintenance scheme.”

For the Indian Air Force it could be “IACCS C4I system; Airborne Early Warning and Control systems; Smart Anti Airfield Weapon (SAAW); Chaffs and Flares which are consumed up during exercises and practice; Ground Based Air Defence Systems; IAF inducting Low Level Transportable Radars like Ashwini under ‘Make’ category and medium power radar-like Arudhra, are among some items which can be on the import banned list.” Also, AI in eMaintenance system for efficiency and optimisation spare requirements for a predictive maintenance scheme.

According to the C4I expert AI in eMaintenance system is required for all the three services.

The Indian Navy has always focused on indigenisation and has clear plans to ensure that it does maximum in-house design and production.

“The shipbuilding materials, equipment and systems required locally by Indian Navy like equipment and systems linked to the hull structures and fittings viz. Hull construction materials, Hangar Doors, Shutters and Boat Davits. Propulsion system and power generation diesel/ gas/ steam turbine engines, alternators, and their control systems and Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Automatic Power Management System (APMS), auxiliary mechanical systems and general electrical equipment,” he adds.

Items including which provide support to the combat capability to the ship (like Supersonic Missile system, SONARs, Torpedo Tube Launchers and Gun Mounts, could also be banned.