Col A K Sharma (Retd)


The largest democracy in the world has given a clear verdict – verdict for a strong, secure, progressive and unified India. To qualify the statement; unified as the voters have cast the ballot pan India, in large numbers, cutting across caste and creed. Progressive; as they have expressed faith in the slogan “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas” (Progress for all with willing participation of all). Strong and Secure, since national security emerged as  the central  theme during the entire election campaign. We wish to pick on ‘National Security’ most of all, as by definition it refers to policy enacted by governments to ensure the survival and safety of the nation-state. It also includes but is not limited to the exercise of diplomatic, economic, and military power in both peace and war. A secure nation thus inherently implies a united, prosperous and self-sufficient people, and if I may add, proud of their heritage with willingness to safeguard it above all.

Our cover story is based on the recent carnage in Sri Lanka, but is not limited to it as it is indicative of a larger security threat that the subcontinent, India in particular, is faced with. As one of the worst affected regions in the world and a very vulnerable one, South Asia has to unite and root out the evil of terrorism. India as the largest nation, needs to take lead and confront the menace. Lt General Ata Hasnain, the author of this story, has delved deep and describes the situation succinctly in the cover story of this issue.

This issue is a military reader’s delight as it contains a number of features related to Indo Pacific, Maritime Security, Terrorism, and Aerospace, all written by some of the best in the region, luminaries in their respective fields.

There is also a feature on ATAGS, India’s very own artillery gun. As the country strives for self-sufficiency in defence, our strong recommendation is – Buy Indian, and Buy the Best.

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