5G – The Fifth Generation Wireless Communications

Sub Title : 5G will spillover into the military sphere thus transforming warfare

Issues Details : Vol 13 Issue 2 May/June 2019

Author : Dr Vijay Sakhuja

Page No. : 28

Category : Military Technology

: May 25, 2019

Recent decades have seen technology making advances by leaps and bounds. 5G is amongst the next big things on the horizon. It will spillover into the military sphere enabling the connection of a  vast network of sensors, robots and autonomous vehicles through sophisticated artificial intelligence, which could be the future of faster, deadlier and may be partial autonomous warfare

Month of April 2019 is momentous for mobile networks and could be the game changer for many users of cellular services including the military. Soon after its launch, Verizon, a global communications & technology leader known for its 4G & 5G wireless networks, claimed 5G speeds measuring 760 Mbps in the US; while many others pegged it at just over 600 Mbps. By some estimates it is four times faster than 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). M...

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