Beyond the Horizon Communications in the TBA

Sub Title : Military Satellite Systems may not be able to meet our requirements

Issues Details : Vol 13 Issue 2 May/June 2019

Author : Maj Gen Harvijay Singh, SM, (Retd)

Page No. : 51

Category : Military Technology

: May 25, 2019

Troposcatter Communication Systems continue to provide a high value alternative to satellite systems for point-to-point high-bandwidth, low latency communications. This is reason enough for this very versatile and battle tested system to return as a redundant media for Beyond the Horizon Communication Systems

Chinese and Russian space surveillance networks are capable of searching, tracking, and characterizing satellites in all earth orbits. This capability supports both space operations and counter space systems. -US Defense Intelligence Agency, 11 Feb 2019

Balakot and the follow up standoff has indicated beyond doubt that, whatever be the Kinetic Energy platform used, secure and reliable communications will remain an essential and inescapable requirement for success. Multiple routing and redundancies will ensure reliability and real time round the clock capabi...

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