Entremonde Protects Indian Defence with MSCN Under Atmanirbhar Bharat

Sub Title : State-of-the-art MSCNs and signature management by the Entremonde Polycoaters ltd

Issues Details : Vol 16 Issue 1 Mar – Apr 2022

Author : Mr Chandrakant Khetan, Chairman and Managing Director

Page No. : 58

Category : Military Technology

: March 31, 2022

Entremonde Polycoaters Limited provides the Indian Army and Air force indigenous Multi-Spectral Camaouflage Nets (MSCN) of high quality which are robust, easy to maintain, light weight and have an extended usage life.

Entremonde Polycoaters Ltd, a 100% Indian company of 50 years standing in manufacture of Technical Textiles, has bagged orders from the Indian Army and Air Force for manufacture of Multi-Spectral Camouflage Nets (MSCN) in keeping with the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) focus of the Government of India.

MSCN developed by Entremonde meets global standards on a wide spectrum of stringent specifications, thereby providing perfect protection to sensitive defence equipment from detection against aerial and ground based electromagnetic sensors. This product is a replacement for traditional twine nets, enhancing the level of security manifold. MSCN is being supplied to the Indian Armed Forces and has gone through rigorous field trials in plains and jungles as well as in desert and semi-desert terrains. Entremonde MSCN can quickly adopt different print patterns and appropriate colours to perfectly blend with the designated terrain.

Entremonde has set up its own state-of-the-art laboratory with testing facilities for critical functional properties of MSCN like Near Infra-Red reflection, Radar transmission loss, Thermal transmission and Thermal loading.

R&D is the most significant element of Entremonde’s DNA, identifiable in its highly qualified and motivated technical team. The technology for manufacture of MSCN is 100% developed in-house, as are the critical inputs that are important determinants of quality. Research and quality, coupled with a deep understanding of user’s requirements are an obsession with our scientists.

Entremonde is future ready with a basket of MSCN variants for related applications. The company has to its credit an array of technical products for the defence forces, such as Multi Spectral Personal Camouflage Equipment (MSPCE), Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) warfare suit fabric, Aerostat Balloon fabric, three layered breathable fabric for Extreme Cold Climate Coats, High Altitude Tent fabric, Tent Flooring and a multi-purpose Ground Sheet which is a light weight composite made of 100% recyclable polypropylene thermoplastic olefin (PPTPO), among many others, both for defence and civilian OEM applications.

Entremonde is managed by an empowered team of highly qualified professionals, who drive the company’s ambitious growth plans. Mr Chandrakant Khetan, Chairman and Managing Director of Entremonde, encourages his team to manage the operations independently, with no compromise on values. Entremonde is poised to offer Indian technology on a global platform to peace-loving countries. The company is headquartered in Mumbai-India and has two manufacturing plants at Nasik and Gonde, within a proximity of 180 kms. from Mumbai.

Entremonde is proud to support the Indian Armed Forces, in however small and humble a manner by offering protection to those who risk their lives to protect us. We salute the spirit of the Armed Forces for the yeoman service being rendered by them to the nation.