Global Conflict Hotspots

Sub Title : A review of the recent and ongoing conflicts across the globe including the causes and contributory factors

Issues Details : Vol 17 Issue 3 Jul – Aug 2023

Author : Editorail Team

Page No. : 18

Category : Geostrategy

: August 2, 2023

In the contemporary world, identifying and managing hotspots is far from a simple task of merely consulting a map, locating conflicts, and relying on diplomats to resolve them. To truly comprehend the root causes of today’s major conflicts and confrontations, we must acknowledge the crucial role played by global political conditions. Conflicts are more likely to arise and persist when those who possess the capability to prevent or resolve them choose not to act. It could be argued that conflicts will continue until the dominant powers of the world, along with the global power system they establish and control, cease to perpetuate or exacerbate these conflicts for their own strategic and self-serving interests. In the field of conflict studies, issues related to resource conflicts and human security concerns, which were often neglected until the turn of the last millennium, are gradually receiving more attention.

In this issue we have focused on West, Central and South Asia, and Asia Pacific. In the next issue we shall cover the rest.