Indian Army: Right Push for Atmanirbharta

Sub Title : Army is utilizing in house talent for practical and cost-effective solutions

Issues Details : Vol 16 Issue 3 Jul – Aug 2022

Author : Maj Jai Upadhyaya, 155 Inf Bn (Territorial Army) Jak Rif

Page No. : 48

Category : Military Technology

: August 4, 2022

As there is enhanced focus on AI driven technologies the Indian Army is keen to adopt them. Induction thereof will facilitate countering threats in different types of terrain and hostile weather conditions. Not only is the  Army looking at high end solutions it is also utilizing in house talent  for practical and cost-effective solutions

The impact that disruptive technologies and systems like Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) are having on war fighting cannot but be overemphasized. It is to the credit of the Indian Army that it is proactively making efforts to  introduce these technologies by utilizing its in house talent. Even if these steps are small, they are meaningful. Maj Jai Upadhyaya of 155 Inf Bn (Territorial Army) JAK RIF, a self-motivated officer and a Research and Development expert in his civilian avatar, has been working to contribute to the mission of the Indian Army to be Atmanirbhar in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and UCAVs.

Four projects made by the officer have been approved for further development and deployment in Northern Command by the GOC-in-C. Three of these projects have also been selected by Defence AI Council (DAIC) as part of Honorable Prime Minister’s initiative to introduce AI in Indian defence sector and have been published during the first national ‘Artificial Intelligence in Defence’ Expo held on 11 July 2022 in New Delhi.

Seeker Monitoring & Analysis System

Seeker system is a self-contained AI based facial recognition, surveillance, monitoring, and analysis system for identification & tracking of threats for counter terrorism, continuous surveillance, and monitoring of disturbed areas. Additionally, the system can be employed for ensuring state of the art security of critical military/civilian establishments and monitoring at border crossing points. The AI powered analytics module enables processing of Intelligence data from various sources to identify and track movement of terrorists and anti-national elements aided by accurate information collection.

Application of System – Counter Terrorism, Threat Monitoring, Creation of Secure Zones, Monitoring of Disturbed Areas, Intelligence Analysis, Border Monitoring, Secure Places of Strategic Importance

Uniqueness of Product –

             Indigenously Designed, Developed, and Deployed

             No Internet Connection Required

             Proprietary Data Security Layer

             State of Art AI Deep Learning Facial Recognition Algorithm

             Combined Intelligence Data Capture and Analysis System

             Able to Operate in Wide Range of Environmental Conditions

             Continuity and shareability of Intelligence Data

Advantages –

             Efficient and Effective Surveillance

             Psychological Dominance on threats and Anti National Elements

             Aids Pre and Post Incident Analysis

             Increases the Area of Surveillance

             Reduces Manpower Requirement

Export Potential Countries – Countries Engaged in Counter Terrorism

Drone Feed Analysis

Drone Feed Analysis system enables AI Deep Learning-Based Real time/post flight military object identification from Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (Searcher, Heron, Etc) /quadcopter feeds, it builds a database repository and carries out AI enabled analysis providing military pattern of enemy operations and analysis/prediction of events.

It also carries out conventional military Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Missions, Smartization of Road Opening Party (ROP) Ops, Live Monitoring of Counter Terrorism Operations, Border Surveillance, monitoring of Illegal Immigration Movement and Drug Trafficking, Disaster Response, Progress Monitoring (Traffic, Agriculture, Shipping & Construction etc).

Uniqueness of Product –

             Cutting Edge Security Layer to Protect Classified Data

             Indigenously Designed and Developed

             Localized High Speed Processing

             State of Art AI Computer Vision Algorithm

             Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

             Look Back Analysis and Geo Tagging

             Platform for Sharing Strategic Surveillance Information amongst RPA Operating Nations

Advantages –

             Exponentially Efficient and Effective use of Strategic Surveillance Assets

             Reduces Operations Engagement Time

             Technology driven Operations

             Aids in Situational Awareness and Informed Decision Making

             Increases the Area under Surveillance

             Drastically reduces Cost of Surveillance Missions and Analysis

Market Potential. System could be expanded to Commercial and Disaster Relief Operations

Storm Drone

AI enabled automated room intervention drone systems with lethal and non-lethal payload can carry out building clearance and urban surveillance in GPS denied areas. Applications of this system include counter terrorism room intervention operations, urban area surveillance, disaster response, rescue operations in underground mines (coal & iron mines), construction, forest, and poaching monitoring.

Uniqueness of Product –

             Indigenously Designed, Developed, and Deployed

             Works in GPS Denied Environment

             Autonomous Navigation

             Collision Avoidance

             Ability to Deliver Lethal and Nonlethal Payload in Urban Operations

Advantages –

             Saves Lives of military personnel and civilians in Urban Counter Terrorist Operations

             Reduces the Engagement Time in Operations

             Technology Driven Operation

             Aids In Situational Awareness and Informed Decision Making

             Urban Surveillance and Tracking of Threats

Market Potential – There is immense potential, due to the advantages that accrue on account of deployment of the system, within the country as well as for export. System could be expanded to NSG, Marcos, Garud, STF, police, paramilitary forces, disaster management, and the forest department.