Indian Space Association: Highlights of November 2022

Sub Title : An update of space activities

Issues Details : Vol 16 Issue 5 Nov – Dec 2022

Author : Editoral Team

Page No. : 62

Category : Military Technology

: December 15, 2022

Space is fast emerging as the most active segment which is likely to witness increasing investments by way of an array of resources globally. Not to be left behind, India, too, has taken a number initiatives in the recent past to maintain parity with the advanced nations in this sector. Most prominent of course is the emergence of Indian start-ups who are making their presence noticed through their immense contribution in a short period of time. South Asia Defence & Strategic Review in association with Indian Space Association (ISpA) has decided to carry a column to highlight contributions and achievements of all the stakeholders and also to keep our readers abreast with the latest developments in this all important space.


  • Skyroot Aerospace on Friday (November 18) became the first private Indian company to launch a rocket into space.
  • PSLV C54 mission successfully launched Pixxel’s Hyperspectral imaging Satellite ‘Anand’ in space.
  • Dhruva Space successfully launched 2 nano-satellites in the same mission.
  • Oceansat-3 satellite launched with active contribution of Aidin Technologies, MIL Industries, Ananth Technologies & Kepler Aerospace.

ISpA Members Bulletin

  • Skyroot Aerospace successfully launched Indias’s First Private Rocket ‘Vikram S’, and accomplished Mission Prarambh. Date – 18 Nov 2022

SpaceKidz India and Students from the US, Indonesia, Singapore, Seychelles & India successfully deployed the payload ‘FUNSAT’. Date – 18 Nov 2022

  • Team Dhruva Space successfully launched 2 amateur radio communication nanosatellites, Thybolt 1 &Thybolt 2, as part of ISRO’s PSLVC54 mission on 26 Nov 22. Date – 26 Nov 2022
  • Kepler Aero installed Kepler ground station transceivers for support in all new ISRO-operated ground stations in Bangalore, Port Blair and Jodhpur. Their ground station software solutions also operate the ground station TTC at ISRO’s partner facility in Mauritius. Date – 26 Nov 2022
  • Aidin Technologies successfully delivered the Oceansat3 S-band Transponder Sub system satellite involving Fabrication, wiring, assembly and end-to-end testing till thermovac (card level and package level testing. Date – 26 Nov 2022

Pixxel Space successfully sent their 3rd Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite ‘Anand’ on ISRO’s PSLV C54. Date – 26 Nov 2022

  • Agnikul Cosmos built India’s first private Launchpad & Mission Control Centre at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. Date – 28 Nov 2022

ISpA Activities

  1. GeoSpatial – Roundtable ‘Resilient PNT’

ISpA participated in a roundtable conference organised by GeoSpatial on ‘Resilient PNT’. The following points were discussed in the meet:

  • Challenges in GNSS.
  • Solution for GNSS based on terrestrial networks.
  • Role of GNSS in defence/military operations.
  • Role of GNSS for civilian applications.
  1. GeoSmart India 2022

To facilitate open and solution-oriented multi-stakeholder dialogue; engage in discussions to address some of the most persistent socio-economic challenges to deliver growth; facilitate networking of geospatial community consisting of government, mapping agencies, researchers, and private industry and users of spatial information; and fostering progressive policy change.

ISpA was the supporting partner of this event and Lt Gen AK Bhatt (Retd) was a panellist in panel discussion on “Geospatial Data Liberalisation – Policy Impact and Ease of Doing Business”.

  1. Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022

The 25th edition of Bengaluru Technology Summit, the 3-day annual tech exposition hosted by the Karnataka government, culminated on November 18 with a five-point declaration.

It envisages establishing a start-up park near Kempegowda International Airport, setting up R&D labs in 50 select colleges in the State, opening science and technology research centres in universities, working towards achieving synergy between educational institutions and the IT-BT companies, and building better connect between the industry, academia and educational institutions.

Companies such as Google, Paytm, HDFC, RazorPay, Microsoft, The GAIN, Dayanand Sagar Entrepreneurship Research and Business incubation, AWS Activate, and StrongHer Ventures have signed MoUs with the State. The summit also saw the launch of 28 new products.

Wing Commander Satyam Kushwaha (Retd), Director of the Indian Space Association attended the event as the panellist in the panel discussion on “ITE & DEEPTECH”.

  1. Indian Defence Conclave 2022

The 4th Annual Indian Defence Conclave, which focused on creating and deploying disruptive technologies to achieve and sustain a competitive edge in defence capability, was held at the Vivanta New Delhi, Dwaraka, India, on the 17th and 18th November 2022. This event’s goals were to promote India’s vision of the country as a “Defence Manufacturing Hub” and to bring about “Digital Transformation in the Defense Industry.”

This platform included a Presentation by Lt Gen AK Bhatt (Retd), Director General of the Indian Space Association and a number of keynote lectures by local and international speakers, panel discussions, and case studies from around the world.

Upcoming Events

13-14th December 2022- India SatCom 2022

11-13th January 2023- International Workshop on Space Situational Awareness & Space Traffic Management

18th January 2023- 2nd ISpA-VIF Interactive

Think-Tank on Space

13-17th February 2023- Aero India 2023.