Physical Protection of India’s Critical Maritime Infrastructure: Part 1: Maritime Energy Sector

Sub Title : First of the six part series on physical protection of India’s Critical Information Infrastructure

Issues Details : Vol 13 Issue 2 May/June 2019

Author : Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, VSM**, VSM, IN (Retd)

Page No. : 23

Category : Military Affairs

: May 25, 2019

Critical Sectors are those that are critical to the nation and whose incapacity or destruction will have a debilitating impact on national security, economy, public health or safety. The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Committee (NCIIPC) has presented a list of twelve critical infrastructure related to information, six of which have a connect  with the maritime domain. Physical protection aspects of these six will be covered in successive articles. This one dwells on Energy

The protection of critical infrastructure has become a subject of the most intense concern, thanks to rise of the malevolent non-State actor (as also its fraternal twin, the State-sponsored non-State actor). The malevolent actions of these entities are frequently and collectively subsumed in a single word - ‘terrorism’.

An internationally accepted definition of terrorism a...

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