India Developing Vehicle Mounted Counter Swarming Drone System for Army

The system is primarily for protecting mechanised army formations from swarming drone attacks. It uses a hard kill system (Micro Missiles) to neutralize the threat.The system is tentatively names as Bhargavastra.The system will be mounted on a 4 X 4 vehicle. Detection range more than 5Km for 0.01m2 UAVs. Micro Missile with IIR/CCD seeker will have an interception range of 2.5 Km.

Each vehicle will carry 64 micro Missile in 8 X 8 cassettes, Micro Missiles will have 2.5 Kg in weight , capable of multiple launches in 10 Seconds and also capable of vertical launch with 360 degree coverage.Such kind of missile is already available with Indian private firm EEL.