L&T to Showcase 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicle at DefExpo 2022

L&T provides indigenous design-to-delivery solutions – from surveillance to strike. Its aerospace offerings add thrust to India’s space program.

L&T partners the DRDO and the Indian Armed Forces in the development of defence products, systems and platforms across land, sea and air operations, in line with its commitment to ‘Make in India’. The Company has state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing weapons & engineering systems, aerospace solutions and naval ships, helping the Armed Forces gain the decisive edge.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) had established the country’s first private-sector Armoured Systems Complex (ASC) facility at its Hazira Complex site in the state of Gujarat.

The facility is equipped with ‘high-end’ machinery and automation aids, feeder shops, and complete mobility test tracks to carry out acceptance and qualification tests of armoured vehicles.

According to L&T, the ASC will be used to build and perform integration activities on self-propelled artillery howitzers, future infantry combat vehicles (FICV), future-ready combat vehicles (FRCV) or future main battle tanks.

It is L&T Defence’s tenth manufacturing unit and seventh new complex opened for defence production.

L&T has been supplying critical high technology equipment to the Indian Navy from Hazira and the ASC will now, in addition, address the needs of the Indian Army and friendly nations to whom Government of India promotes defence manufacturing partnership.”

Currently, L&T Defence’s Hazira site is involved in the construction of submarine hulls, special alloys forgings for defence applications, as well as specific platform based equipment and subsystems.

The ASC is supporting the Indian Army’s K9 Vajra-T 155mm/52 calibre tracked, self-propelled howitzer guns program.

The upcoming 8X8 system will have the capability to fire ATGMs, it will be equipped with a 30 mm Gun, 7.62 Coaxial Gun and Smoke Grenade Launchers.