Start-Up Justech Successfully Tests Indigenous Combat UAV

The Jatayu Combat Drone was designed and created locally utilising cutting-edge precision manufacturing methods.

An indigenously manufactured Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (CUAV) drone has undergone successful testing by a Mumbai based start-up Jatayu Unmanned Systems reports Financial Express.

A field test was carried out in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in Mumbai and a standard issue assault rifle weapon was live-fired mounted on a UAV platform.

The Jatayu Assault UAS platform can be used for a huge variety of tactical and strategic active battlefield operations. These systems can be fine-tuned for both covert & overt operations using advanced AI & Machine Learning.

For Defence related logistical operations, a heavy-lift UAS is built specifically to sustain challenging terrain & weather conditions. Tuned for all possible theatre of operations across multiple pre-defined battlefield specifications, these systems can transfer almost any kind of material from point A to point B.